Exploring Music Around the World – Volume 3




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Volume 3 Around the World DVD

Examples of Songs & Lessons

The High and Low game uses a slide whistle to demonstrate sounds going higher and lower, for each change the children respond by moving up and down for the movement in sound. This lesson is particularly good for kinesthetic learners. who will understand the concept better through acting it out, instead of simply observing or hearing a lecture. Going Crazy is a fun, silly song that demonstrates low to high and slow to fast and builds coordination as motions switch from hand to hand. Interaction and positive discussion with your student during the video once they are familiar with the song and the motions would be a great way to reinforce learning the difference between left and right! The American traditional song Ten in the Bed  reinforces counting backwards and helps children gain confidence with singing because it is an easy song to stay on pitch with. Students love this lesson because let’s face it, children love to fall over. 😀 The fun easy motions are great for using up that extra wiggle energy and aid in retention. New musical concepts are introduced in the Adagio/Allegro lesson demonstrated by Tina the Turtle. Patty Cake – a well-loved traditional American clapping game where children experience slow to fast tempo. This lesson helps them build hand coordination with hand clap motions and is tons of fun! Head and Shoulders helps reinforce naming body parts and coordination. This is a great lesson for younger students who are still learning their body parts and a fun way to build self-control for older students because they learn to stay on beat and not rush through the song because of their excitement.

Exploring Music Volume 3 CD Tracks

  1. It’s Music Time Today
  2. The Noble Duke of York
  3. 10 In the Bed
  4. Patty Cake
  5. Frere Jacues
  6. Chester Have You Heard About Larry
  7. Head & Shoulders
  8. Once I saw 3 Goats
  9. Cabin in the Woods
  10. 5 Little Mice
  11. Hickory Dickory Dock
  12. Here we Go Cheerio
  13. Punchinello
  14. Bassez Down
  15. Cookie Jar
  16. Down in the Valley
  17. Goodbye Now We Sing


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