Exploring Music Childhood Favorites – Volume 6




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Volume 6 Childhood Favorites DVD

 Examples of Songs & Lessons

The classic children’s song Baby Bumblebee with its easy to sing melody uses imagination as children pretend to talk to a catch a bee. This version of the song also teaches forgiveness, because the little bee is sorry he stung you. The motions reinforce the words and your child will have a great time bringing this song to life with the lively hand motions.

The Interval Song teaches the sounds of different singing intervals by song and motion, it also identifies intervals with easy melodies and physical actions.

Open Them Shut Them is a fun song that uses finger play to build coordination and motor skills, while the poem increases the capacity to follow directions. Teaches the concept of open and shut for younger students. The iconic

London Bridge teaches cooperation in the classroom as children form a circle and then sit down, it builds listening skills to pass or roll the ball only when they hear Lisa singing and freeze when she is not singing. It is a great lesson in self control, but also for sharing and getting along with others.

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad demonstrates train whistle two toots for go, one for stop which teaches your students to associate auditory cues with real-life situations. Students must use their listening skills, coordination and attention to detail as they use the triangle for the bell, sound egg shakers for the wheels big triangle and waiting for the sound to disappear.

Exploring Music Volume 6 CD Tracks

1. It’s Music Time Today

2. Hokey Pokey

3. I’m a Little Teapot

4. Five Fingers

5. Five Little Monkeys

6. One Finger One Thumb

7. Toe Tappin’ Blues

8. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

9. Open Them Shut Them

10. Mulberry Bush

11. Little Ball

12. Grand Old Flag

13. Hot Cross Buns

14.Train is a Comin’

15. I Have Two Hands

16. Tinga Layo

17. Eency Weency Spider

18. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

19. Alphabet Song

20. London Bridge

21. Autumn Leaves

22. Jack in a Box

23. Goodbye Now We Sing

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