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“I love the confidence I see growing in my son through participating in the Exploring Music lessons. He is matching pitches and learning to keep a steady beat, but more importantly, he is gaining the confidence to participate and share his voice with the world around him.”

Jen Clayton

Homeschool Mom

“As a homeschooling mom on a limited budget, I was searching for a music curriculum that I could do with my kids at home. The Exploring Music videos are great! Each lesson is interactive, educational, and fun! My kids are age 1, 4 and 7, and they love it and they’re learning! Miss Lisa does a wonderful job of teaching and speaks to the kids as if she’s right here in the living room with us!”


A Homeschool Mom

“I was skeptical about the program because my daughter is only two years old. We watched the first lesson together and she seemed unsure, but when we watched it again later in the week we were having a blast. She now regularly talks about how music can be ‘jumpy’ and enjoys doing the lessons each week. More often than not, she is the one asking to do the ‘music dancing movie’ with me. I’m definitely not complaining, I love the curriculum and would recommend it to anyone with a wiggly child who doesn’t want to sit still for traditional sit-down-at-the-table school lessons.”

Christina Root

Homeschooling mom and blogger


Motor Skills & Coordination

Self-Control and Patience

Active Listening

You’re more than an educator

You want more from a curriculum than just another boring lesson plan and a bland list of activities with time-consuming preparation and little long-term retention. I get it. I’m Lisa Adams, the creator of Exploring Music and I created this curriculum with educators like you who are looking for something fun and interactive, but simple to implement!

Exploring Music targets your child’s development in 5 key skill areas: cognitive, social, emotional, physical and musical while he or she has fun with music. They will be so busy playing and singing along with me that they won’t even notice how much they are learning. We love to hear when homeschooling families choose to use Exploring Music, here are some of the reasons why it’s a great option for your family.


As a homeschooling parent, you want more for your children than just book smarts and academic achievements. We don’t have to tell you that homeschooling provides an environment that allows you incorporate important life lessons into everyday academics.

Works with multiple ages

Exploring Music works great with families that have multiple kids. In fact, it is designed to help group coordination


If you have one student or five working together on the program, you will have a great opportunity to bond with them by experiencing fun and exciting learning with them.

Building positive behavior

There are many lessons n the curriculum that teach and reinforce lessons like sharing, self-control and building listening skills. I don’t know many kids who couldn’t use some reminders about listening every once in a while, do you? This curriculum is a great way to positively reinforce things that will make your home more peaceful and encourage positive behavior you won’t have to un-teach later!




Plans and Pricing

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