Exploring Music Memberships


Exploring Music Subscriptions allows you to get the entire curriculum without having to worry about reordering. Spread out the cost of your curriculum and stay on track. Get your DVD and CD sets quarterly or annually – it’s your choice!

We highly recommend that you include a set of our rhythm instruments for each child when you order. They are referred to in the lessons and will greatly add to the experience of your students.

Quarterly Subscription

Pay $24.95 plus $4.95 shipping each quarter until you have all 7 Volumes!

Get your DVD and CD sets for each volume delivered every quarter.

Your first month is shipped when you order, subsequent deliveries are automatically billed and processed on the 15th of that month.

Annual Subscription 

Pay $99 a year for two years and 

Get an entire year’s worth of curriculum at once and save on shipping! When you have an annual subscription you’ll receive:

  • Year One:
    Volume 1-4 DVDs
    Volume 1-4 CDs
    Your optional rhythm instruments
  • Year Two
    Volume 5-7 DVDs
    Volume 5-7 CDs


The Benefits

While many families love having the freedom of having the entire set at home so they can go at their own pace, we realize that not everyone is going to buy the whole set at once. But then you have to remember to order the volumes, wait for them to come and by then you have lost your momentum!

We created the subscriptions to help you stay on track and keep moving forward, without the hassle!

How It Works

Rhythm Instruments are included in the first shipment of your subscription if you choose to order them. We recommend having a set for each child who will be using the curriculum at once.quarterly membership

If you order the quarterly subscription, your membership will be billed on the 15th of the month every three months. Each quarter, we will send you the next volume of DVDs and CDs until you have all 7 volumes.

annual subscription

If your order the annual subscription, you will receive the first 4 volumes of DVDs and CDs, plus your rhythm sticks should you want to include those in your order. Then, a year later we’ll send you the remaining 3 volumes of DVDs and CDs.


Of course, if you want to cancel your membership at any time, we understand. That can be done through your account page.

For further questions, check out our FAQ.