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Volume 5 Let’s Sing and Dance DVD

 Examples of Songs & Lessons

Wild Horsemen, a Classical piano piece by Schumann uses castanets and bells. The student’s bell hand coordinates with the whole body and even the most energetic child will love building their listening skills by galloping while listening to higher piano playing and lower piano playing. Down By the Station introduces and identifies train sounds children play egg shakers discussion of germs and why we don’t share things we have put our mouths on children move to the three main tempos: adagio, andante, allegro freeze between tempos Hear the Music is a folk song rewritten to illustrate low and high singing and encourages creative movement with scarves. Students build their listening skills as they follow the highs and lows of the music by dancing low for low pitches, and high for high pitches The classic American spiritual song Oh When the Saints Go Marching In lets students feel the steady beat with rhythm sticks and the marching coordinates switching right and left brain. Freezing at the appropriate time builds listening skills builds inhibitory control (the ability to stop ourselves). If All the Raindrops helps students learn proper singing voice and has a wonderful melody for singing. Imaginative play takes place as we pretend to eat the rain, snow and sunshine that has turned to candy. Your child will continue with their language development, through spelling skills and memory, during Bingo. They will also build coordination as we continue to clap on more letters, instead of singing them. This song is a very easy tune for singing and developing ability to match pitch – it also builds rhythm skills as we clap the rhythm together. We continue our dedication to musical and cultural diversity in Uncle Joe, a song that comes from a Jazzy Caribbean genre of music that might not be familiar to many students. We use castanets which builds rhythm and small motor movement and coordination all at the same time. This song also uses a few easy dance moves on the chorus and demonstrates three tempos: andante, adagio and allegro.

Volume 5 Let’s Sing and Dance CD Tracks

  1. It’s Music Time Today
  2. Uncle Joe
  3. Rain Drops
  4. If All the Rain Drops
  5. Roll the Ball
  6. Great Big Stars
  7. Baby Bumble Bee
  8. Ring Around the Rosie
  9. Bingo
  10. Wild Horsemen
  11. Jack & Jill
  12. When the Saints Go Marching In
  13. Interval Singing
  14. Yankee Doodle Dandee
  15. The Wheels on the Bus
  16. The Note Song
  17. Down by the Station
  18. Goodbye Now We Sing

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