Exploring Music Let’s Dance – Volume 2




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Volume 2 Shake, Rattle & Roll – Let’s Dance! DVD

Examples of Songs & Lessons

Elephant song uses students’ imaginations pretending to be elephants while using whole body movement and gross motor skills in a simple dance. It also works on counting and vocal skills. Stars and Stripes introduces a favorite patriotic march and uses rhythm sticks and teaches coordination with marching and tapping. Builds listening skills by having students freezing when the music stops. The song Che Che Koolay introduces students to cultural diversity with a child’s musical game from Africa introduces another Continent (Africa) and a game for children from that country. Uses imagination for the statue poses and builds listening skills. Goin’ to Kentucky uses egg shakers with a steady beat to help build coordination. Builds a sense of rhythm with dance moves and develops motor skills with movement of the whole body movement in the dance. Little Peter Rabbit improves memory and  coordination in addition to challenging coordination and thinking skills as words are left out and motions are left in. In the song Tall Silk Hat children experience an Italian folk song with silly words and use their voices to experience and demonstrate forte and piano sounds. A fun singing range builds vocal skills as the motions build coordination.

Exploring Music Volume 2  CD Tracks

  1. It’s Music Time Today
  2. Elephant
  3. Dr. Kinckerbocker
  4. Che Che Koolay
  5. Candy Man
  6. We’re Going to Kentucky
  7. Allison’s Camel
  8. Stars and Stripes
  9.  Apples and Bananas
  10. Three Little Monkeys
  11. My Dog Rags
  12. Going Crazy
  13. Peter Rabbit
  14. Down on Grandpa’s Farm
  15. Tall Silk Hat
  16. Tall Silk Hat Version 2
  17. Goodbye Now We Sing

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