Exploring Music Rhythm Counting and Musical Contrasts – Volume 1




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Volume 1 Rhythm Counting and Musical Contrasts DVD

 Examples of Songs & Lessons

All Around the Kitchen introduces the rhythm instrument castanets and how to use them teaches self control as children must wait to play the instrument until the music starts simple dance moves steady beat with the dance fine motor movement using the instruments Roll and Rock is an African Spiritual which introduces a song from another part of the world, it teaches coordination rocking to the steady beat and doing motions beautiful range for singing and matching pitch. Everybody Ought to Know builds on the concept of echo singing, uses matching pitch and works with students on keeping a steady beat with the rhythm instruments. America the Beautiful Introduces a beautiful patriotic number and uses gross motor skills with the whole body movement of marching as well as listening skills and self control by freezing when the music stops. This Ole Man helps build counting skills, teaches simple dance moves and encourages group coordination through singing and dancing together.  

Exploring Music Volume 1 CD Tracks

  1. It’s Music Time Today
  2. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
  3. The Skunk Song
  4. All Around the Kitchen
  5. The Ants Go Marching
  6. Everybody Ought to Know
  7. La Raspa
  8. The Bubble Song
  9. Roll and Rock
  10. Tap Your Sticks
  11. We Can’t Go Outside
  12. America
  13. Five Little Monkeys
  14. This Ole Man
  15. Graduation Song
  16. Kindergarten Rap
  17. Dr. Knickerbocker
  18. Staccatto / Legato
  19. Contrasts
  20. Goodbye Now We Sing

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