Exploring Music Classics and the Orchestra – Volume 7




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Volume 7 Classical Music and the Orchestra DVD

 Examples of Songs & Lessons

One of the highlights of this volume is the introduction to the instruments of the orchestra through the retelling of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Each character of the story has it own instrument/instruments of the orchestra and its own musical theme. Children learn to recognize both the theme and the instrument/instruments as they learn the story. This prepares them for cultural experiences such as attending an opera.

Schumann’s piano solo Wild Horsemen is used to teach high and low sounds on the piano.  Children take turns galloping, first to the lower sounds, then the higher.

A children’s traditional song called The Orchestra is used to give children a chance to imitate violins, tubas, and flutes playing. Pictures of each instrument are shown. Pitch identification, a critical musical skill, is honed when instruments are identified as playing higher, or lower, or in the middle.

Listening skills are sharpened as children listen to and identify various sounds the synthesizer can make, starting with instruments, then moving to more common everyday sounds.

Classical music is used to help children identify staccato and legato music (detached and smooth). They have the opportunity to dance creatively to these pieces, building imagination and building confidence by allowing them to show their own style.

In Chopin’s Minute Waltz and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata children are exposed to the beautiful timeless music of Chopin and Beethoven.  They dance with scarves to the tempo of each piece.

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